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Although the books do not require the user to be GPS educated or even own a GPS, a GPS provides both fun and safety to any backcountry experience.

GPS’s have become part of today’s technology for many backcountry hikers and winter adventurers and has just recently become poplular among mountain bikers.

The term GPS refers to “Global Positioning System”, which locates longitude and latitude coordinates through the use of satellites.  GPS units were originally designed for the U.S. military, but have become increasingly popular among the general public for recreational navigation.  Today’s GPS receivers are capable of measuring longitude, latitude, altitude, and recording and storing information for specific locations.  A GPS can track point to point routes and can provide direction for backtracking.  Some GPS receivers have built-in maps that make navigation and orientation simple.  They can even display distances traveled and distances remaining along with the rate of speed traveled.  Today’s GPS features are endless for the backcountry hike, snowshoer, skier, and mountain biker. 

When using our books with a GPS, note that trailhead and destination data are listed for each hike/tour/or suggested trail description.  Additional waypoints for points of interest and intersections are listed on waypoint lists (in the Appendix in the books).  These points can be easily programmed into any standard GPS, allowing the user to create the described route and follow it with confidence.

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